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UIC Middle East Railways Vision 2050

Ed. no.1| March 2023
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The Middle East Railways Vision 2050 is to become the first document aimed at regional cohesion of railway systems and projects. 

Starting from the overview of existing economic, social, investment parameters, as well as macroeconomic and trade forecasts, it covers various areas of railways, from infrastructure planning to rail technologies and ESG. 

The Vision proposes the positioning of the Middle East Railways 2050: Middle East Railways are bridges for regional economic and social development, uniting different countries, and enhancing the cooperative potential of the Middle East region. 

This positioning, or Mission, is complemented with goals, objectives, and actions corresponding to the needs of RAME members derived from the dedicated questionnaires and in-depth interviews. 

A number of frameworks and cooperative activities proposed within the Middle East Railways Vision 2050:

1) RAME BN & ITC - Backbone network and management of international transport corridors.

2) RAME IPA - Infrastructure prioritising approach.

3) RAME Rail+ Interoperability Framework – multimodal interoperability regulatory approach.

4) RAME Rail Quality Framework – reporting and monitoring, including ESG.

5) RAME Rail Support Programme – including cooperation plan with regional and international

development and financial institutions. 

Among other, the Vision proposes model of freight flows along future international transport corridors and assess the impact of regional rail developments on the intra-regional trade.

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