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Wagons for combined transport - Vertical transhipment - Characteristics

Ed. no.4| December 2022
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The safety requirements specific to combined transport in international traffic are fulfilled by the conveyance of intermodal loading units compatible with the wagons and with the permissible profile for combined transport lines.

When loaded with intermodal loading units or with semi-trailers that comply with the conditions set out in IRS 50592 and in IRS 50596-5 (see Reference documents - page 5), the wagons that comply with the conditions set out in this IRS are used with the coding system defined in IRS 50596-6 (see Reference documents).

This IRS specifies the principal characteristics of the wagons for combined transport designed for vertical transhipment. It is part of a series of leaflets/IRS covering "Intermodal traffic transhipment techniques - Technical conditions for the use of wagons and load units in international traffic".

It describes wagons with compatibility code C, ISO, N and P  in accordance with IRS 50596-6.

The wagon compatibility code indicates which loading units may be carried on the wagon:

- carrier wagons with compatibility code C are used to transport containers and swap bodies;

- carrier wagons with compatibility code ISO are used to transport ISO containers;

- recess wagons with compatibility code P or N are used to transport semi-trailers fitted with grab-handling grooves for vertical transhipment.

These are described, along with their principal features:

- Information on containers and swap bodies is contained in IRS 50592;

- Information on craneable semi-trailers is contained in IRS 50596-5;

- Information on wagon compatibility codes, the bases of codification and the execution of coding for CT routes is contained in IRS 50596-6.

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