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Railway Applications - Rolling Stock - Remote control and data cable interfaces - Technical features

Ed. no.2| November 2022
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An International Railway Solution (IRS) is a document drawn up by consensus and applied on a voluntary basis which aims to facilitate and harmonise railway operation. IRSs are gradually replacing UIC leaflets.
This IRS is the evolution of UIC Leaflet 558 “Remote control and data cable - Standard technical features for the equipping of RIC coaches” [5].
The content of the UIC Leaflet 558 was intended to develop the interoperability between coaches assured by the 13-pole cable allowing the exploitation of the Train Communication Network set out in the IEC 61375 [19] family of standards.
UIC Leaflet 558 completely set out the signal interfaces between railway vehicles covering parallel and serial transmission and baseband and modulated communication signals. These interfaces have been applied, mostly in Europe on many thousands of vehicles.
The train applications that rely upon UIC Leaflet 558 relate to traction, remote train control, diagnostic and passenger functions and also provide room for custom or future applications.
After 20 years, the accumulated operation experiences as well as the evolution of the techniques –particularly to standardize the introduction of the Ethernet Train Bus – require the updating of the UIC Leaflet 558. However, the need to have a complete, coherent, and well-structured document caused the document to be entirely re-written whilst retaining all the requirements of UIC Leaflet 558.
A complete specification of the train configurations and vehicle layout has been introduced to support the description of functions, interfaces, performances and application of the components.
The new document was issued as IRS 50558 “Railway Application - Rolling Stock - Remote control and data cables interfaces - Standard technical features” and replaced UIC Leaflet 558.
It integrates in full or in part the following UIC leaflets:
- UIC Leaflet 558
It aims to complements the following standards:
- none

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