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UIC Asia-Pacific - Vision 2050

Ed. no.1| March 2016

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The goal of the document, produced by the Sustainable development Foundation with the coordination of UIC Asia-Pacific region, is to contribute to the realization of a UIC vision for Asia-Pacific to 2050.
The vision has been formulated by following these 3 steps:
  • Defining the general scenario, divided by topic, representing the future context on which to project the role of the railways;
  • Analysing the current role of railways in the transport market of Asia;
  • Prospect a role of UIC and the railways towards 2050 and the main axes of action in order to play this role.
Furthermore, the document contains a more in-depth analysis at a sub-regional level. This part of the study complements the contributions from the replies to the questionnaire sent by UIC AP to its members active in the region, summarized in Annex I, and the country profiles for all countries in the Asia-Pacific region, summarized in Annex II.
The outcome of this process has been the delivery of a vision for UIC Asia-Pacific and a technical framework to be used for future UIC AP action plans.
This executive summary briefly reports the main findings of the document.

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