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Safety assessment for components at risk from impact - Developments with superstructures

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Stations are usually situated at central locations. They are very important, not only for the traffic, but also for the life of a town. For this reason railway premises are increasingly being developed and put to intensive economic use. Optimum development from a traffic point of view automatically produces a need for shops and offices. Such developments have already been built in several towns and also near airports; large developments are also planned for other places. 

Due to the increase in this situation a Working Party of the UIC Bridges Sub-committee has studied this subject in detail in recent years (Question 7 J 20). The preliminary results are set out in the draft leaflet "Development of railway premises - construction in the vicinity of the track" of May 1992. This puts forwards proposais for the design and dimensions of supports, depending on the possible extent of the damage, the distance from the track and other influencing factors. 

The authors of the leaflet believe that, if these guidelines are observed, no significant damage will be done to the structure during most railway accidents, e.g. impact by a railway wagon. The draft leaflet for question 7 J 20 does not cover very rare incidents which could, nevertheless, potentially cause a great deal of damage, such as the impact of a locomotive. lt was suggested that a quantitative safety evaluation be drafted in order to study the significance of such incidents. 

The chairman of the Working Party, Mr. G. Schoitsch, leader of the division for bridges and structural engineering works at ÔBB approached the firm of Ernst Basler & Partner AG 

(EBP) in Zollikon (Switzerland) on 17th November 1992 with this request. After various preliminary clarifications and preparations the study was begun in February 1995.

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